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 UPDATED – 2016 Greyhound Bus Discount Codes
Code: NYDCS $25 Off – NEW
Code: ESAVER Discount varies
Code: WILDWEST $49 Select fare with early booking
Code: NYDCS Discounted price with coupon: $25
Code: LALV $39 Bus fares from Las Vegas to L.A.
Code: 719486 Discount varies
Code: NYPHLR $15 Bus fares from NY to Philly
Code: NYBOSR $15 Bus fares from NY to Boston
Code: CHISPEC $25 Bus fares btwn Chicago & metro
Code: GRY48L9002 Greyhound Student Advantage Card
Code: D106635388 10% OFF Greyhound bus tickets
Greyhound Bus Promo Codes

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Greyhound Bus History:

Greyhound Bus Lines, Inc. is based out of Dallas, Texas but was first founded in Hibbling, Minnesota by Carl Eric Wickman in 1914. After fleeing his unsuccessful career in car sales, Carl Wickman joined together with Ralph Bogan transporting coal miners to and from work. They named their little shindig Mesaba Transportation Company.

By the end of World War 1, Wickman owned 18 buses and pulled in a profit of $40k a year. Following the next few years of great success, Wickman joined up with yet another business man. This time it was Orville Caesar who was el presidente of Superior White Bus Line. In 1926, Wickman reached an agreement with two other bus lines to expand his empire. Following the merger, Wickman named his company Greyhound Lines. I don’t think they had computers back then but I’m sure they didn’t have access to a site like this to get some great Greyhound Bus coupon codes.

By 1927, Greyhound Lines was grossing over $6 million annually. That’s a whopping amount of cash and adjusted for inflation that’s more than $70 million  a year. Whoo!

The Great Depression came and went and Greyhound Bus went through its tips and turns even bring Wickman into $1 million in debt. Luckily his company survived the challenge and even pulled in record profits of $8 million right after the Great Depression. At the beginning of WWII, Greyhound Bus had 4,750 stations and almost 10,000 employees.

In 1946, Wickman retired as CEO of Greyhound Bus Lines and was replaced by his partner, Orville Caesar.

Today the company is stronger than ever and continues to advance in technology and open new doors. Currently, the company has routes in Canada, USA, and Mexico with over 16,000 daily departures. With countless trips, there are plenty of free Greyhound coupons.

Greyhound codes can be found on various websites and can be used to help decrease the cost of bus fare and travel.

There are plenty of discount services available to customers. Greyhound bus has initiated two discount bus services that both emanate from New York city. These services and designed to compete with Chinatown bus carriers, and more directly with Megabus. Greyhound tries to appeal to the consumer by offering free Wi-Fi and power outlets available on every seat.

Greyhound has announced their BoltBus programs in Boston, Washington D.C. and NYC. Routes were designed as low cost solutions to travelers offering prices from a single dollar all the way up to $25. Cheap enough Another program that was released was NeOn. This service was designed to attract a new niche of people that were traveling. A route to go between Toronto and New York with fewest stops possible allowed travelers to commute faster and more eco-friendly.

Greyhound Services

  • Greyhound Express: Low-cost express transportation that services most major cities. Megabus is probably their biggest competitor when it comes to quick city to city connections. This route was designed with fewer or no stops which makes for faster travel. On top of that, they have some awesome fare pricing. With seats just starting at a buck with guaranteed seating you won’t have to worry about the bus becoming overbooked. And that’s not all. These Greyhound express routes have newer buses which means you get all your amenities you expect from Greyhound. There are plenty of Greyhound coupons (top of this post) to take advantage of these awesome routes. The buses are nicely equipped with Wi-Fi, charging outlets, awesome leather seats, and plenty of legroom. At some bus stations, if you buy your ticket far enough in advance before everyone else then you get to board before them and pick out your seat. Very handy if you want a window seat and don’t want to sit next to the bathroom the whole trip.
  • Greyhound Connect: This service is designed for smaller, quick connecting routes to take passengers from rural areas to larger urban areas where there are more connecting routes. Don’t expect these routes to be available everywhere so check the Greyhound site to see more details.  Also, the buses aren’t going to be top of the line. Remember, these are quick connecting routes designed to get you to larger cities that have more options and connecting routes. Look into this if you live in a rural area close to a big city but you don’t want to have to drive to order to eventually take the bus somewhere. Save the headache and look into this service.
  • Greyhound Charter Services: Nationwide bus chartering service. Perfect for groups, school functions, military, and government workers. Greyhound has a huge network of buses and drivers that they are able to operate this charter service at such a high level. Planning your next field trip with a big group? Consider looking into Greyhound Bus Chartering.

Specialty Discounts

These are specialty discounts for certain people to take advantage of.

  • Military Discount: Greyhound supports the military (Active Duty, Retired, and Dependents) with a 10% discount off the walk-up fare. Another discount they have is a Maximum Fare option. This allows you to get a ticket capped at $259 round trip. Great for longer, more expensive trips. Just need to show military ID when purchasing to get the discount.
  • Student Discount: Great opportunity as a student and traveler to save some money while traveling. Great discounts on bus fare and also dining out and entertainment. Does cost some money but pays for itself within the first use.
  • Child Discount: Children two and under are free. If your child is older than two but less than 12 then you may qualify for a discount up to 25% off the full adult fare.
  • Senior Discount: If you are 62 or older then you qualify for a 5% discount off a full passenger fare. You can’t stack other discounts on top of it and it is not available in Canada.

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Greyhound Student Discount Code 2016

Going on Spring break or just want to get out and hit the open road with friends, family, or just yourself? Well if you are a student then the Greyhound Student Discount Card is perfect for you. If you even use the card just once it will save you money and it only costs $20 plus shipping and handling. Are you going on a trip tomorrow and were procrastinating and haven’t bought your ticket yet? If so, then you can also pick one up at one of their 400+ terminals.

Greyhound Student Discount Code: GRY48L9002

Basically, there are three really cool things that can help you save money with this card:

  • You can SAVE 20% on any Greyhound bus ticket. This works on walkups at the terminal and online booking. There aren’t any blackout dates or special notice you have to give. So wherever you are, with this card, you can save on any destination year round.
  • SAVE 40% on packages sent through Greyhound PackageXpress (US only). I haven’t used this option yet but if you have a big present, awesome chair, etc. you can have it shipped to your destination.
  • Lastly, there are tons of extra savings that you can get with this card. You can save on shopping, entertainment, food, clothing, books, and more. Select stores have a relationship with Greyhound that will get you some cool discounts just for carrying the card and being a student.

If you get the card through the greyhound student discount code then you can have access to some awesome deals that I just mentioned. Also, if you book a trip and need to cancel then you will be refunded 85% of the purchase price. Switching dates is easy but may require a $20 per ticket charge. But, if you plan right then you most likely won’t need to worry about any of that.

Sadly, no other great coupons or codes can work with this deal but you are already saving 20% so it’s not that big of a deal. If you aren’t a student, Greyhound also has child, military, veteran, and senior discount available. Plan your next trip with Greyhound bus and leave the driving to them.

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Greyhound Bus Coupons of 2016

As gas prices continue to fluctuate in 2016 it is imperative to save a little money here and there. Whether it be cutting down on the candy bars and pop or going out on the internet to find promo codes to use on everyday sites. It seems like there is something everyone can do. The internet has been a great tool these days to find anything from a cheap Apple IPhone to plane tickets to HongKong. When it comes to traveling by bus for any distance there are some ways to save money this year.

Greyhound Bus has discounts for companion fares. What does this mean? Well, Greyhound offers a 50% off ticket to any companion that you might be traveling with. If you have a Student Advantage discount card you are not allowed to combine it with this offer.

The discount card is not just for greyhound bus but does cost money so beware if you are just a one time bus rider or take it for multiple trips a year. If you are interested in the Student Advantage card you can follow this link for more Greyhound Bus discounts.

Greyhound Bus Schedules and Stations. Greyhound updates the schedules daily with updated fares and last minute ticket purchases. You can go to Greyhound’s website to check it out to find your nearest station and it’s schedule. Greyhound also has service in Canada so if you want to travel north of the border there are schedule and coupons that you can use on the same site.

Why take the bus?

If you have never ridden on a Greyhound bus before it is unlike many other busses that you may have seen or been on. They offer comfortable and spacious seating with ample room for your luggage. If you are taking a bus from say Dallas, Texas to Denver, Colorado there will be stops along the way to pick up and drop off passengers. This can also delay your travel so don’t expect to get to a destination as quickly as if you were to drive. But, and this is a big but, you don’t have to worry about driving, you can pick up a book and read, or you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

Things to take with

This should be a stress free journey. Sit back and relax knowing that you have an experienced driver that won’t get lost (or shouldn’t) and will try and make your trip as comfortable as possible. If you need a Greyhound Bus Coupon don’t forgot to come back and check out this site.

  • You may want to bring an mp3 player or IPod to pass the time especially if someone brings a child along. Crying babies without headphones to drown out the noise might make your trip a lot longer.
  • Bring a book. Ever wanted to finish that trilogy you were working on or never had the time to finish? Well reading on the bus is a great way to pass the time.
  • Camera. You never know where your journey might take you. Bring a camera so you don’t miss any great scenery along the way.
  • DVD Player. If you have children along with you this is a great way to pass the time. Bring a couple movies and headphone along for the children to watch so you don’t have to babysit them the entire time.
  • Road atlas. Use this to see where you are going, where you have passed, and what is coming up. See where some landmarks are around you so that your next trip could be going to see these great sites.

Now that you have your trip planned and know what you need to bring don’t forget to check out this site regularly to get the best greyhound bus coupons.

If you have a smartphone or laptop make sure you check out the destination that you are going to to see what kinds of activities are around. You may also need to look into car rentals for getting around the town once you get to your destination. Bus rides are fun and you can get to see the great American landscape from the comfort of your own seat without worrying about who is driving or needing to pull over to use the restroom. Just remember that the bus usually doesn’t stop to get food so you should bring your own lunch or dinner in case it is a long trip.

Enjoy your trip and remember to take pictures to remember  your experience. We can all save a little money by taking the bus and using coupons and promo codes. That way you can have a little more spending money for your trip once you get to your destination or save up for two trips this year. 2015 is shaping up to be a great year for travel so have a great time!

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Tips for Traveling with Greyhound Bus

If you’ve never traveled with Greyhound Bus Lines or even on a bus there are a few things that you should know. Bus travel can be made easier by following just a few simple step:

Book in advance: There are some great coupon deals for those who book in advance and you could save a lot of money just by booking a few weeks or months in advance. Bus fares can fluctuate as the travel date gets closer. Lock in the current rate with great Greyhound Bus coupon codes before they could possibly go up!

Pack Light: Even though there is no restriction on luggage weight just remember that everyone needs to fit their stuff on the bus. Pack what you NEED for your carry on (laptop, Ipod, book, pillow, snacks, etc) but pack your other stuff below the bus. The less you pack with your carry on the more room you have to stretch out and put random stuff that you may pick up on your pit stops.

Know the BusSome buses are equipped with wifi and power outlets. Snag seats that are closest or have power outlets so you can stay charged and connected.

If you haven’t seen the new Greyhound Buses check out this short video below:

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Greyhound Bus Coupon Codes 2016

Greyhound Bus coupon codes can be hard to find these days but don’t fret. Each week there are new coupons added to our site to keep it fresh. It is never more frustrating when I am trying to find coupons that work and they end up saying “the code you have entered is invalid”. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a master coupon for every website and store that instantly saved you the maximum that any coupon on the web offered? We thought so too but sadly there isn’t one of those yet. There might be a tool in the near future that works in the background on your computer and automatically pulls in a verified coupon that offers the most savings depending on what you are ordering. Hint, we are working on something like this but its a secret (not a very good one though). When it comes out and you are searching for Greyhound Bus coupon codes you wouldn’t even have to go to our site. But until then you should just bookmark this site and find the most up to date promo codes.

With all the coupon sites popping up these days it can be pretty hard to find that right coupon. Sometimes you might enter a code and place an order and then seconds later find out there was another coupon that could have saved you 5% more. Bummer! We try our darnest to get the best coupons out there for you. If by some weird incident you find a code that is rocking a hot deal just submit it to us and we can share it with the rest of the Greyhound Bus travelers. Greyhound Bus ticket coupons are available from our site so that you can use it and share it with your friends and family. Keep coming back to Greyhound Bus Codes whenever you think about traveling by bus and keep the savings going!

Greyhound Bus Promo Codes

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